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Tree Surgery & Land Clearance

BRANCHING OUT, Old Kirkforthar Brickworks, Markinch, Glenrothes KY7 6LR
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Welcome to our Tree Surgery and Land Clearance website

tree work All tree work undertaken by Branching Out is carried out safely and responsibly in accordance with British Standards 3998. We always remove all arisings (waste matter) for ecological disposal or recycling where possible, and leave work areas tidy (unless otherwise arranged).

Don’t entrust your trees’ health, safety, and care to quacks! Trees can add much beauty and economic value to your property, but they can also kill! Only someone with proper training, tools, and experience – a certified arborist – can tell you with confidence that your tree is sick or healthy, dangerous or safe. Have your trees maintained by reputable people who care about them, not someone looking to make a quick buck by scaring you with misdiagnoses and false information.

free Call us for a free tree inspection whenever you have concerns about your trees. Note that the use of any chainsaw may be hazardous and is best left to trained experts. The saw chain has many sharp cutters. If the cutters contact your flesh, they will cut you, even if the chain is not moving. At full throttle, the chain speed can reach 45 mph (20 m/s).It is important that you read, fully understand and observe the manufacturer's safety precautions and warnings.

Firewood for saleWith household energy bills still as high as ever more homes are going back to traditional natural energy resources such as seasoned logs. We recommend that you keep your log stores stacked ready to save on rising fuel prices with our seasoned timber from LogsFife Ltd .